Blood & Fluid Warmer


     Model:               QW618

  •      For warming during transfusion, perioperative period and clinical blood transfusions
  •     One key costant temperature control 
  •     High precision control technology with microprosessor 
  •     3 sets of independant temperature sensors andd to safety
  •     Dry-groove type heating structure for routine or blood transfusion heating
  •     Snap grip installed in heating groove to prevent IV from self dislodging
  •     Independent temperature set for added temperature monitoring
  •     Multiple protections - overheat, temperature low etc.
  •     Independent superheat protection test function for maintenance
  •    Simultaneous isothermal heating of multiple types of liquid
  •    High capacity : KVO - 6 liters per hour ( flow rate : KVO - 100ml per minute)